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Workhuman is almost here!

In just its 5th year, Workhuman has become a leading event in the HR, business, leadership and #FutureOfWork industries! I’m sure it has a lot to do with their mission — to make the workplace more human!

It’s a known fact that humans spend a lion’s share of their life at work. And yet, while the workplace has come a long way since the days of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great GREAT grandparents (and so on) in the areas of diversity, work flex, leadership, performance management, communication, technology, innovation and harassment prevention, there are still improvements to be made.

With recent articles like the one by Karlyn Borysenko titled “When Leadership Turns Toxic: The Fine Line Between Being Tough And Being A Bully At Work in Forbes show that leadership is taking on a unique definition. And it needs to! In her book, Humanity Works, author Alexandra Levit points out that with the growing gig economy, employers don’t have the luxury of bad management. Treating people poorly will have long ranging impacts on the organization — from top quality gig talent either taking a pass on your project OR gig/ hired employees requiring more money to perform the work to the organization’s reputation being irreparably harmed.

Workhuman’s event tackles the obvious solutions like leadership vs. bully bosses, but takes on other important and emerging human-in-the-workplace topics like creating a growth mindset, productive conflict, artificial intelligence, and performance partnerships.

With leading HR, leadership and workplace experts and thought-leaders like Cy Wakeman, Brené Brown, Gary Hamel, Caroline A. Wanga, and Kat Cole heading up the agenda, highlighted by humanitarians Viola Davis, Geena Davis and George Clooney, Workhuman will be proving once more that a workplace oriented towards humans is the key to success!

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