If you’re looking for a unique and effective approach to business strategy using your book(s), let Work Better Books leverage our extensive and targeted background in the HR/ business and #FutureOfWork communities to increase sales of your book(s), connect you with industry influencers, build your brand, secure top speaking engagements/ podcast interviewers, and create opportunities for expanded audience reach.

Our strategy is customized to your specific needs and objectives. Once we identify your road for success, the strategy will include one or a combination of the following high-level services:

  • Brand: Build and manage your brand and business in the HR/ business and #FutureOfWork communities
  • Publishing: Provide end-to-end publishing services for your HR/ business or #FutureOfWork book (hardcover, paperback, e-book, e-pub and audio)
  • Book-to-Mastermind: Turn your book(s) into paid webinars, podcasts, e-learning, Train-the-Trainer, coaching and/ or live seminars
  • Speaking: Identify new and leading industry conferences/ events and secure speaking engagements
  • PR: Book appearances on industry podcasts, webcasts, and social media chats for greater visibility
  • Blog/ Vlog: Identify trending topics in the HR/ business and #FutureOfWork professions for targeted and accelerated growth using your blog/ vlog
  • Certification: Get Your Book(s) Approved for Credit with a variety of certification programs
  • Connections: Create opportunities for connections with  HR/ business and #FutureOfWork Influencers, leaders and professionals

You’ve worked hard on your book! Now let Work Better Books make your book work better for you!